Taurus Zodiac Sign Personality and Traits

Taurus (April 20th – May 20th)

Taurus – the bull, the stubborn nature, cautious vision and a sturdy built. Taureans are naturally practical and are noted for their determination. They get what they want, maybe sooner or later, but they achieve it. Not because they are very clever or exceptionally fast, but only because nothing comes in the way of them and their goals – absolutely nothing can distract them from their goals.

Taurus Man Peronality And Traits

The Taurus Man

The macho or it would be right to say the stylish macho guy in the crowd is our Taurean man. Silk shirts, perfect fits, right contrasts, he is a man of style. Taurean men like their woman too to be properly turned out. Traits like strong sensuality and powerful passions ooze out of Taurean man. The Taurean guy is extremely patient, and is practical enough to enjoy his freedom rather than have a woman clinging onto him.

Taurus Woman Peronality And Traits

The Taurus woman

The feminine one, the flirtatious and also the faithful one, the strong one, the patient one, the wise one, she is all-in-one, the Taurus woman. A Taurean woman is an essentially a sensible woman, who believes in practical outlook of life. They are builders by nature and they make gracious hostess. The Taurean women completely dislike weakness in any form.

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